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Benee Consulting is a first class audit firm that seamlessly merges flexibility and experience to achieve professional excellence.

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Our comprehensive suite of professional audit services caters to professional practices, business of all sizes and charities.

For professional practices

Hot to cold file reviews, training, consultancy, advice with quality and attendance at audit planning meetings.

For businesses

Audit and advisory services, non-executive director, change management, training & coaching, review of business controls.

For charities

We offer similar services to charities as businesses with the addition of independent examination and risk management.


Statutory audits for all size of UK company.


Strategy, funding, business solutions, and audit advisory.


Audit & management training

An array of resources

Our comprehensive suite of professional audit services includes audit, consultancy and training.

  • We will listen
  • Give tailor made solutions
  • Apply experience to your needs
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  • Statutory audit
  • Consultancy
  • Training solutions

“None of us can do it all.  If you need an audit or support with finance, strategy or training let us help..”


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